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We’ve all known about Twitter of course, since it first appeared on the scene. I checked it out long ago and decided that I didn’t want people to know what I was doing at any exact second. This is mainly because I’m a privacy freak and Taiwan is a rather small place. It would be fairly simple to deduce where I was at any given moment with some instant notification system. It’s bad enough that I have a blog and make announcements where we’ll be sometimes.

Well, I caved in and signed up for Twitter because, if nothing more, it appears to be a good way to build blog traffic. Twitter is still on a probationary period with me though. It remains to be seen whether or not I use it. Facebook hit the bit bucket for me a few months ago. Let’s see how Twitter fares.

My twitter URL is http://twitter.com/thenhbushman (of course).

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    1. Ashish » i’m not sure it’s anything but a toy. we’ll see. i’m experimenting with my mobile phone. it would be better if i could IM my blog with camera phone photos than send something to Twitter. i’m not into the social networking thing because (a) i’m not trying to hook up with a woman, and (b) i don’t join clubs or groups of people with common interests, because of bad experiences with control freaks.

  1. I use Twitter for things that don’t fit elsewhere. Items of interest that won’t make an entire blog post, a curious thing that just happened, or a random thought that just occurred to me. I don’t think there’s much point in letting everyone know all the mundane minutiae of one’s daily life.

    1. Poagao » true. which almost makes a good case against using it altogether but i’ll give it more time and see how it goes. might be useful when i’m traveling. thanks.

  2. I’m so stoked to see all of you on Twitter. What started off as a short comment here turned into a book, so I ended up adding it to the Twitter post I started last week. You know where to go if you’re interested in reading more about my take on Twitter.

    However, I do have this to add for the all three of you.

    I would think the best thing you could tweet about MJ is your extensive knowledge and love of photography and your amazing and unique ways of cooking. Tweet about your experiences as a Bushman.

    Poagao will easily find his niche with his photography (post those flickr URLS’s because people love ’em), and his story is one that will attract almost anyone. Martial arts, film maker, musician to name a few and he has an extensive and intimate knowledge of one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever lived in.

    Ashish, you’ve also got loads to offer and I, for one, feel that I can get to know you better through Twitter. That is, until we finally meet face-to-face. I’m looking forward to that day. If you need friends, feel free to steal some of mine.

    Glad to see you all aboard. Maybe now we can get a group going for Taiwan. How does The Taiwan Triads sound? Any ideas?

    Carries last blog post..TWITTER-dee, TWITTER-dum: Who’s Following Who and How To Make the Best of It

    1. Carrie » those reasons you cited are why i have a blog. Twitter is too limited in length for anything truly informative.

      i get the sense that Twitter is for real-time bulletins like “i’m at the airport about to go through immigration” or some such. since i have the widget on my blog, that’s probably the kind of thing i’m going to be doing.

  3. Carrie, the things you mention seem more like blog or del.ic.ious-type content. I’d go more for the “random obvservation/interesting happenstance” type thing. But it’s up to the individual.

  4. I’m on twitter, although I’m not exactly sure what to do with it. It’s interesting and I’m trying to find some application for its uses.

    Steves last blog post..high seas

  5. Oops. I guess I get a little over-excited when talking about Twitter. Didn’t mean to tell y’all what to Tweet about. I don’t use del.ic.ious that much anymore. I Tweet about my site and photography to let people know what my site is about and to encourage them to visit. I Tweet about random cultural observations and other funny little things. I also Tweet to chat. Sorry TC, if I offended. I like your comment about using Twitter for things that don’t fit in elsewhere.

    Carries last blog post..TWITTER-dee, TWITTER-dum: Who’s Following Who and How To Make the Best of It

    1. Carrie » that’s ok Carrie – we like it when you get excited 😀 not to worry. you’re always free to speak your mind here.

  6. It’s ok, just my take on it. I don’t really go out of my way to promote my site in any case.

    Oh, and MJ, Sabroso place is at Chung-Li City, Taoyuan, # 226 Shih-Jeng Road.
    100 Mts from Main Gate from Chung Yuan University.

    1. Poagao » thank you TC. we found it and had lunch there today. funny but that side of the street isn’t on my GPS map….

  7. I looked into Twitter a couple of months ago, but really couldn’t understand the point of it, or see the attraction. I’m really not a fan of all the social networking type sites – I can understand them for bored office workers, but I can more-or-less work to my own schedule, so if I get bored I go for a bike ride or read a book or something.

    1. cfimages » i’m not into the social networking either. i don’t like clubs or organizations because someone always tries to run things or push their own viewpoints. even forums are that way sometimes. a quit all of those social networking sites a long time ago. truth me told, the reason that i do anything like Twitter is for blog traffic and nothing more.

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