NHBushman.com Introduces Controversial Pay-Per-Comment Policy

April 1, 2008, HUKOU TAIWAN

Taiwan blog The New Hampshire Bushman in Taiwan, today introduced a policy to help defray administrative costs.  This policy would be the first of it’s kind anywhere in the blogging world.  From April 1st, the blog would charge readers NT$5 to reply to articles with their comments.  When asked about the impact of such a policy on readership, and in particular comments, blog owner MJ Klein had this to say:

“It costs money to run a blog.  Our readers know that.  It’s all about time, and how best to manage our limited time.  Creating quality content takes time and our readers would prefer to have better content in the long run. At first we’ll lose a few, but we’ll gain more with better content.”

In order to comment to articles, readers would have to setup an account on the blog and then pay for credits which would be used each time a reader left a comment on the blog.

“We realize this new policy is controversial.  We realize that some people will be put off by this policy and may refuse to comment.  However we believe that this is the future of blogging,” Klein said.

Those responding to this article will be charged NT$5 for each comment.

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  1. I can get my hands on one of those devices to scan a credit card… do you take Visa or MasterCard??? I doubt you take American Express 🙂

  2. Can we accumulate a few comments on the blogs, then make a lump payment in rum?

  3. Brunty, the shipping costs of Kip are prohibitive because it takes a wheelbarrow full to do anything. Let me put you in touch with our shipping department. Thanks.

  4. StefanMuc, yes, rum is an acceptable currency:

    Sang Som: 598 Comment Credits
    Old Monk: 1,000 Comment Credits
    Bacardi: 25 Comment Credits

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