WordPress 2.5 Goes Live


Thanks to Silas Partners, the Flickr Photo Gallery plug-in is updated! Be sure to install version 0.95.

Now, speaking of upgrading, there are some recommendations that we have for you:

First, install the newest version of the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plug-in in your current WordPress installation and activate it. This plug-in is fantastic and will upgrade your WordPress installation painlessly. The newest version of the plug-in will handle the upgrade to WP 2.5 and will even update the database and clean up the install files when finished.  So, go ahead and upgrade!

Please note that 2.5 looks quite a bit different and some of the plug-ins look different as a result. The Flick Photo Album plug-in now has a small Flickr icon at the top right of the compose window, as opposed to the expandable option below the compose window as before. But you will like how it functions – much better than the older version.

I am finding a few plug-in problems with 2.5 as this was a major revision to WordPress.  For the most part, nearly everything works.

We’ve upgraded our WP engine to version 2.5 and discovered that a few plug-ins don’t work. We depend upon these particular plug-ins, so if you haven’t upgraded to 2.5 yet, maybe this information will help you.

This is one of those plug-ins that you just wish WordPress would incorporate into itself. I need this plug-in to manage all the comments that we get (which are considerable). I’m going to have to reply to comments the old fashioned way but don’t let it throw you off.

This is another one of those plug-ins that I can’t live without, because this is a photo blog. I host my photos on Flickr.com and this plug-in is essential for adding photos to articles. One can also cache flickr photos on their server and display thumbnails on a blog page. Very useful and once dependent upon the plug-in, going back is not an option!

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  1. Naruwan, you can subscribe to individual comments. at the bottom of my comments box there is a check box because i have the plug-in installed. it says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” and the messages that commentors see it configurable. WordPress also has a subscription manager for comments.

    back when i left Blogger, there was no such option. it’s new and likely implemented as a response to the other platforms having that capability.

    WordPress does virtually anything you need it to, but often that involves a plug-in.

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