Taipei County Shots

Photos by MJ Klein

So, what does a blogger/photographer do when he stays in a hotel room on the 11th floor?

Taipei County Shots

What were you thinking?

Taipei County Shots
The hills in the far distance are Linkou.

Taipei County Shots

Like my recent city shots of Kaohsiung, I was looking for interesting rooftops, and I found one:

Taipei County Shots
Apparently the kids ride their bikes up there! Cool!

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  1. The kids riding on the rooftop is an interesting picture. The wall looked about hip height on the adults so a toddler would be okay but older kids it would be a bit scary. At least they are safe from cars and motorbikes.

    Are motorbike riders there as rude and dangerous as here in Thailand? They fly down are little Soi’s (streets) at break neck speeds where kids are playing, running, riding and so forth. I have given many scournful looks at these fools.

    Brunty’s last blog post..Thailand. Life back to normal and some news stories.

  2. Brunty » well, from the standpoint of Western standards, they are rude because of cutting in and out and short-spacing which are all unacceptable, but truthfully, Taiwanese drivers are a lot more talented than Thai drivers in my personal experience. while Taiwanese drivers do things that i might categorize as “crazy” they aren’t what i would call “insane” which is a daily Thai experience.

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