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As soon as I started hosting the blog on the new domain I was besieged by spam comments. Akismet for WordPress blogs helps to control this problem. But I also use Bannage, and by banning the IP of offending posters, I have experienced a dramatic drop in spam comments. Even though I get the hits, I don’t see the spam. It’s refreshing! For the convenience of other bloggers I will list my banned IPs here. I recommend sharing this kind of information among the blogging community.

Bannage supports wildcards, so IPs that you see with asterisks are the result of being spammed by multiple IPs within that range.

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  1. Awesome. I’ve been thinking of moving over to my own domain but I just haven’t had the time over the holiday season. Perhaps I’ll make the jump in the New Year. Site maintenance is obviously a concern for me and this is one of the concerns I’ve had, so this article couldn’t have been posted with better timing.

    Merry Christmas MJ and Hui chen!

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  2. cfimages » in case of dynamic IPs you have to use wild cards, hence the *.* wildcards you see in some of the banned addresses on my list, Craig.

  3. I would strongly recommend against using this method, especially the wildcards. There are much better, safer and easier to maintain ways of stopping SPAM.
    To complement your Akismet, try using the wonderful Spam Karma 2, and if you’re still experiencing SPAM problems, which I doubt you will – then install Bad Behavior for WordPress.

    They maintain SPAM specific IPs for you, check for SPAM like behavior and prevent BOTs from automatically going all over the place.

    Since you have CAPTCHA installed, I would imagine your main problem is trackbacks and pingbacks. If you’re not into the above suggested modules, maybe just a simple “trackback” validator – to make sure the trackback actually contains a link to your site – will do.

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  4. Fili » why would you “strongly recommend against” IP banning, when Bad Behavior does just that? i don’t wait for a certain number of hits – i ban and IP the first time it ever sends me spam. the wildcards allow me to ban ranges where compromised spam machines live. that’s the best way to handle dynamic IP. these days i probably have 1 spam message in the moderation queue per week, if that. btw, i don’t have trackback problems. i have problems with direct attacks on the comments file on the server. there are ways to handle that too if it gets out of hand. thanks.

  5. I meant I would strongly recommend against -manual- IP banning. Automatic IP banning by modules that are doing this on a world-scale is something different.
    When you block dynamic IPs, you also block real users who want to come in, and the amount of work involved with all that is just too much.

    What I don’t get – if your problem is comments – is how they get past your CAPTCHA. If they do – your CAPTCHA isn’t working well enough.

    (BTW – when posting comments here, some ugly WordPress PHP errors appear. You might wanna test this out to see where the problem is… and – if I may another suggestion – put “next post” “previous post” links on your single post :$)

    Fili’s last blog post..Merry Christmas from the NCKU IIM PhD students

  6. Fili » the truth is, the number of real users being blocked is probably zero. chances are that no one in those IP blocks is even reading the blog, but their compromised machines are sending spam.

    there are 2 types of comment spam. one is actually left by a script or a human being in the form. the other is a direct attack on comments.php.

    oh, thank’s for the php errors report. i’ll have to check that out!

  7. thenhbushman » i left 5 comments on various articles and the comments posted flawlessly. i used a fictitious name, Firefox, Kubunto 7.4 Linux OS. later today i’m going to try it on Hui-chen’s XP machine with IE. i can run IE in linux but the blog looks absolutely horrible with that browser in linux.

    oh, btw, i forgot to mention that the single post page does have links to the previous and next articles, by name.

    thanks for all your help with the reports and suggestions!

  8. I hate blog spam with a passion. Wastes a lot of my time each day. I’ve thought of trying akismet on some of my blogs but haven’t done it (yet). Thanks for suggesting bannage, too. I’ve reached the point where I’ve just decided to stop having blog comments emailed to me (one spammer today was methodically posting every couple minutes).

    1. Andrew Jensen » jesie » i’ve been using Spam Karma 2 on a tip i got from a fellow blogger. it’s really great because i don’t have to be here to personally approve each and every comment. you might want to consider it. these tools are so easy to install – they are plugins – so try them!

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