Home Cooked Dishes, Taiwanese Style

Photos by MJ Klein Dishes by Hui-chen

Back by popular demand, even more home-cooked dishes. Our readers love food photos, so here are some more to satisfy your appetite!

This pork and green bean dish was really great. It’s all gone now, I assure you!


This tofu, Chinese cabbage and mushroom dish met a similar fate!

Classic Chinese style pork stew with ginger and other spices.

This is Hot & Sour soup, a US Chinese restaurant staple. This version was better than most I’ve had in the States though.

A simple dish of vegetables and white fish that was just wonderful.

Last but not least is fried pork intestine with mushrooms, sweet basil and ginger. While some people are put off by the thought of eating pork intestine, this dish really must be tasted to appreciate it. The intestine is rich and flavorful with the ginger and basil spices complimenting it perfectly. The intestine was friend so the consistency was not too soft. I have had the soft fried style and I don’t normally like it.

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  1. damn mj… here i am in the hospital, hungry and craving for a midnight snack and your post just made it worse! wish i had waited until the morning to check your blog!!! hahaha… serious tho’, good stuff and great photos as usual!

    andres’s last blog post..hello baby!

  2. andres » sorry! maybe you can get some take-out!

    congratulations to you and Karen! we are waiting for more cute photos! your new daughter is beautiful. ­čśÇ

  3. Joanna » she does love me very much but those were 3 dishes each over 2 evenings! i had you in mind when i posted those shots ­čÖé thanks for reading and for your comments.

    oh, btw, at the end of each article is a link called “Printer Friendly Version” should you need to print an article.

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