On The Brink, Part II

Photos by MJ Klein.  This post and all photos are geotagged.  You may view the location of this post on our Geotagged Articles Map.

Recently we blogged on a place in Taichung where the gravel mountains are eroding away, leaving many factories and other structures dangerously close to the edge.  Yesterday Hui-chen and I went back to that same area, and took the same highway.  Only this time I had a different lens, one with Optical Stabilization technology and a longer focal length.

The topography of this area is amazing.  There are rolling hills, deep cuts, washouts, sharp ridges and peaks, and plateaus.


As you make your way heading east on Highway 4 you see the the eroding landscape unfold as you drive by.  The mountains are made of gravel and the material is loosely packed.

A wider angle shows the plateau near the intersection of Highway 3.

There are buildings along this ridge further east.

This type of erosion creates some amazing sculptures out of the land.

Shots like this really make me feel uncomfortable!

The THSR goes thorough a tunnel  to the east of where these buildings are located.  I wonder if eventually the top of the concrete tunnel will become exposed due to erosion?

This area hosts a number of  geocaches and I did see some interesting hiking and mountain bike trails.  I would exercise caution before going off on a bike trail that might lead to a cliff where the trail used to be.  Hui-chen and I will probably go hunt some of these geocaches, and when we do you’ll be reading about it later!

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  1. Having once stood in amazement and watched while a workman two-stories up used a jackhammer to literally demolish the very building ledge he was standing on, all the while without any visible safety gear, I have a feeling the factory workers aren’t too concerned!

    Kaminoge’s last blog post..U.S.A. 5, Japan 1 ??????????

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