On The Brink

Photos by MJ Klein

There is an area north of Taichung city, in northern Taichung county where the mountains are formed out of loose material.  You can see quite a few examples of them eroding away as you drive down the highway.  The other day, Hui-chen and I took Highway #4 and I shot a series of photos out of the car window at speed while she drove.

Clearly you can see the loosely organized soil and the gravel that make up the topography of this area.

Unfortunately, people have built factories and other structures on top of this mountain, most likely not understanding the nature of it.

Here we see a concrete wall that is close to the edge.

Notice the debris that has slid down the mountain along with the soil.

This photo shows a concrete structure that is exposed.  I am not sure if it was built like this, or whether the edge has eroded away from the structure.

The left bottom edge of the factory foundation wall appears to be hanging in space.  Check the large size photo and see what you think.

Many structures in the above 2 photos appear to be very close to the edge!

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  1. and then someday one of them will collapse and they will blame someone else (most likely the govn’t) for their own fault, bad judgement and lack of common sense.

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