Blogger Grill Party

Photos by MJ Klein

Last night we enjoyed a grill party at the infamous Shao-hui’s Thai Style cuisine restaurant in Hukou.  In attendance were a major portion of Taiwan’s English language blogging community.  In this article for Bushman’s Asian Food, I will show you what we ate.  Please bear in mind that I wasn’t concentrating so much on photographing the food as I was on eating it!  The NH Bushman in Taiwan will have a longer article on the party shortly after this one is posted.

This is what people came for – the marinaded grilled meat.  Notice the amount of ginger in the marinade.  Also present is lemon grass and other spices typically used in Thai cuisine.  Someday I’ll post the exact recipe!

I know that in these photos the meat looks burnt.  Trust me, it wasn’t.  The marinade turns dark when you grill the meat.

These dishes were photographed before they all disappeared.  On the left is a wonderful spicy green bean Thai salad, and on the top right is stir fried kale and deep fried crispy pork.  On the bottom are a couple of pieces of grilled pork that hadn’t been devoured yet.  Notice how moist and juicy the grilled meat is.

This is my wife Hui-chen tending the grill.  We have the small round one that I made in the back and a large one we bought from the store.

The next day we went back to Jubei for dumplings with our good friend David Reid.

Life is hard in Taiwan….

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  1. hui-chen and mj, thanks for everything. we all had a great time. also, i’m digging your new domain and layout. i’ll have to sign up on wordpress soon so i can leave you comments. take care!

  2. Andres, it was great having you guys! it wouldn’t be the same without you.

    the new blog should be setup for anyone so i don’t think you have to sign up for it. let me know if you have any trouble leavin comments. the last thing i want to do is screw that up!


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