Food: Thailand Farm Cuisine

Photos by MJ Klein and Hui-chen
We blogged on this place before, but I wanted to do a post exclusively for our Asian Food Blog readers.
Our friend Ben owns a property in the area of Ubon Ratchathani in eastern Thailand. His farm is so remote that he doesn’t have electricity there, but they cook some excellent meals in a primitive kitchen and there are plenty of things to do and enjoy there!

This is the view when you pull up to the property. The road leading here is not paved.


Here you see Hui-chen arriving and carrying some bags.

In many places in the world, this is how you turn on the tap water. Each night we would take turns washing up at the pump because there is no actual shower. Washing by candlelight with a bucket is a pleasant Bush experience that everyone should have at least once.

Ben owns over 20 cows and they are free to roam the property.

Hui-chen and I took a walk around before lunch and checked out the property and some of the interesting things that are there, if you look for them.

This little scene was on the path and we nearly walked past it.

Normally, we keep a fire smoldering because it reduces the amount of biting insects that hang around looking to feed on us.

This is a shot of the hay barn for the livestock.

Fresh water for cooking is kept in this earthenware jar.

This is the guest bedroom where Hui-chen and I slept.

This primitive kitchen was used to cook many delicious meals during our stay. In the far corner we see the charcoal stove, and in the foreground we see various vessels for water and other cooking items.

This gentleman is cleaning some local fish taken from a nearby fish farm.

On the cutting board are some fresh spices, all picked from the land. These along with the fish will be used to create a wonderful Thai fish soup, The depth of flavor is hard to describe! There is no comparison between home cooked local village Thai cuisine and big city Thai restaurant cuisine.

The bamboo steamer is cooking sticky rice for our meal.

In the meantime, this gentleman who is a relative of Ben’s and also a local politician is waiting for us to sit down and join him. Here you can see the fish soup and the sticky rice.

Here I am toasting our readers with Sang Som and coke! Eating in Thailand can take some getting used to. As you can see in this shot, Ben’s relative is eating from a common bowl. There are many such common dishes and everyone just uses a spoon and eats from the common dish as it it were their own. Thais understand that foreigners are often reluctance to eat from common dishes and will most likely provide you with your own dish. If you have the opportunity to visit a remote place like this, I guarantee you will enjoy the cuisine!

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  1. You go to the most extraordinary places! I am wowed by your ability to make friends easily!

  2. thanks Joanna. we’re glad that you enjoyed this story.

    we are now going back through our vast travel photo albums and revisiting places and food experiences we’ve had, and bringing those to readers of Bushman’s Asian Food Blog! through new stories. so you’ll be seeing a mix of new and old experiences, and hopefully the variety will be interesting. Hui-chen and i have been very fortunate to have traveled around quite a bit and have made friends in many different countries.

    thanks for reading and for your comments Joanna!

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