1. MJ. You can start your own band. I’m a singer. I used to sing full time with a Filipino band in China and I’m a lot of fun at beer gardens. So there you go, you’ve got half a band already! We’re just a little far apart….and I’m terrible at air guitar.

  2. Carrie, what do you think of this name for a power 3-piece: The Shimonoseki Trio ?


    i’m going to invite everyone to a karaoke party in Hukou soon. you’re on the list!

  3. It has a nice ring. Count me at for KTV!

    I’m hoping you’re going to introduce us to some really ‘bad’ cooking too. Those BBQ pix rock!

  4. Carrie, you are on the list, and the list is getting longer by the minute! i wish i could demonstrate some of those bad cooking skills with the smoker, but the smoker resides in Khonkaen Thailand :(.

    we got Andres’ uncle’s place coming up soon. after that we can all sing in Hukou. 🙂

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