Typhoon Sky

Photos by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I were eating at Shao-hui’s when I noticed that the sky had turned a deep orange color – absolutely stunning!


I went out to photograph the sight (with her Canon) and I saw this:

Typhoon Sky

Sorry for the water droplets on the lens.  This is actually a double rainbow.

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  1. That orange sky looks positively hellish. I’ve never seen it quite like that in Taiwan.

  2. David, it was quite a sight. i had to walk down the street a bit to get to apoint where i could shoot the rainbow without any frigging wires in the way!

    Naruwan, i’ve never seen it like that before either. the sun was setting in the clear apparently and that hole in the sky let the red color shine onto the cloud layer. very rare occurance indeed!

  3. I’m so jealous! Terrific photos! I was glued to my window yesterday and noticed a gorgeous rainbow too. By the time I found my camera, it was gone.

    I think I’m becoming a storm watcher. The sky has been putting on a non-stop show for us over the past week. It’s rather like having our own personal Cineplex right at our doorsteps.

  4. Carrie, i have my camera loaded and ready to go at all times like an Old West gunfighter!

    i jumped up from my seat last evening when i noticed that everything outside had a very distinct orange hue. i went outside and saw the usual people in my neighborhood but only one or two had bothered to look up and notice the rainbow apparently. fortunately Hui-chen had her pocket camera with her. i have missed out on several photo ops recently and had to use my mobile phone on one occasion.

    Carrie, i used to be a member of the US National Weather Service Skywarn Spotter program, and received training by them in the art/science of storm spotting. it can be a facinating hobby but also very useful if you become adept at reading the sky. a barometer is an inexpensive tool you can keep in your home to alert you to atmospheric pressure changes prior to storm activity.

    for today its mostly clouds and rain but i am looking forward to seeing what happens as the storm blows out of here. i’m sure i’ll see new mountains in the clean air that previously i didn’t know existed!

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