5371 – The Complete Photo Series

Dear Readers,

Due to personal reasons (medical issues) I have been unable to complete my story of 5371.  From the beginning, this story has not been about me, its been about the heroes of that fateful day.  Therefore I have released the entire series of photographs on my flickr.com album so that experts around the world may study them and learn what happened.  I will post my personal account hopefully by the end of this week.

5371 begins to nose down into the final dive

One must study the entire series to see what actually happened.  I’m no expert on such matters by any means but I would like to hear what experts think after studying the photos.

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  1. No comments. Dude, are you going to finish the story about the airplane crash? You mentioned your un-named medical condition, but in spite of it you have been on several train rides, climbed a mountain in search of a geocache, taken a thousand photos, but a month later we’re still wondering WTF happened to the plane.

  2. let’s be clear about something. my telling my personal story and my involvement, and telling what happened to the plane are not the same thing. i’m not professionally or legally qualified to say what happened to the plane. i’ve also been asked by the civilian experts to not actually say what we think happened to the plane. yes, i am a private citizen, but i learned a long time ago that its just not a wise practice to contradict official government findings.

    i did give copies of the photos to a representative of one of the families and i asked him to have a military aircraft expert examine the photos to draw their own conclusions.

    the civilian investigation is not quite complete anyway. they are using Google Earth to plot the final flight in 3D so we can tell what the pilots could and could not see. the distances and bearings to the jet from where i took the photographs has all been worked out with very competent methods.

    what i had planned to do was a story on the military investigation first and then append it with the civilian investigation. it made sense to delay the one story because the following story hasn’t played out yet.

    but in the meantime, obviously you are a smart guy. look at the tail in the photographs and then you’ll know.

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