5371: 2 More Photos

The traffic that our blog has been experiencing is nothing short of phenomenal.  We have hundreds of viewers at a time.  Total page views are over 100,000.  We’ve had over 17,458 page views today alone.

When I release the final story about 5371 and I talk about everything I saw, did and felt on that day, I am afraid that the volume of traffic may seriously overload the server where the blog is hosted.

Therefore I am releasing 2 more photos now, so that everyone may look at them before I release the story.

Although it may seem insignificant, the tip of the whip antenna at the bottom of the photo allows us to know the bearing from the Point of Origin (where the photo was taken from).  Thus, we can calculate the altitude and position of 5371.  This photo is #4 in the series.

This photo has a Stationary Point of Reference also – a television antenna.  We were able to measure the size of the antenna and use it to calculate the altitude of and position of 5371 when this photo was taken.  This photo is #6 in the series.

The next shots that I release will show the shocking truth about what happened to 5371.

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  1. It’s a pity to see that.
    I feel so bad.
    Hope the world peace,no military tradegy again.

    I love Kenting

  2. I am very eager to read your analysis! Please do share with us. I am sure all Taiwanese would also like to learn the truth to this incident!

    Best Regards,

    –Tony Huang

  3. sir, thank you for what you done for the two heros on the 5371, people who lost their family, the society of Taiwan, and those who always believe in the good nature of human beings in the whole world.

  4. Everything you do means a lot to the brave pilots and their families and everyone who care about this.
    I think you care this island more than many others who live in it.
    Thank you so much for what you do.

  5. Hi this is my first time visit your blog. I and a taiwanese student who study in singapore, I got this sad news the next day when i watch then news fom the SG tv . Many of my frends here told me that why taiwan still using the jet plane which had serve over 30 years.I can feel that they are bleming this incident which also cause two singaporeans.Although i also feel sorry for the two singaporeans But i feel the main things that i concern is the two pilots who sacrifice their lives and prevent the jet from crashing into the crowed area which may claim more lives. They will be remembered in my heart.

  6. i’m not sure if i can give my “analysis” or not because i’m not a recognized expert. i can only tell you what i see. its my hope that aircraft experts around the world will study these and bring out the truth.

    btw, so far, i have only had one politicial post to the blog. that is the only comment i’ve had to reject (as it has nothing to do with 5371).

  7. It is always a plus to hear the perspective of the witness’ rather than that of the military official’s point of view. Although it may not be a full-blown technical analysis to this incident, but it brings insight to the Taiwanese people from a neutral stand point.


    –Tony Huang

  8. I hope you feel better now. It’s nothing wrong for taking the pictures. Believe me, if I am the pilot, I will thank you for taking those pictures.



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