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I want to thank everyone for their comments.  The overwhelming response has been so positive.  I can’t believe how kind all our readers have been.  Some have said that I treat Taiwan as my homeland and that I am now considered to be a Taiwanese.  I cannot think of a greater honor, thank you.

Our blog has gone from around 16,000 page views on May 14th, to now well over 60,000.  According to Meebo, there are upwards of 500 people viewing our blog at the same time, so please be patient because it will be slow!

Speaking of Meebo, there are so many comments being left that I cannot possibly keep up with them.  So please leave your comments on the blog and I will answer every one.  If I am online we may be able to have a quick chat, but if I don’t answer you, then please post your comments.  The blog is now open to anyone to make a comment, not just members.

Thank you everyone.


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  1. Thank you for your post,
    and so sorry about TVBS,
    Something we have to learn,
    but sometimes we can’t teach
    them because they have power.
    So i’m sorry about our mistake ,
    best wishs,and good luck


  2. thank you for your comments. please, nevermind about TVBS. i will release the photos to the world shortly. your English is great! comment in our blog anytime you wish!

  3. Dear Mr. Klein:

    I am a Taiwanese researcher who is working at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I served as a second-leutanent officer amd was in charged of medical supply in Taiwan airforce logistical command in 1993. I do feel I have some sorts of attachment to these two pilots because I spent two years working with pilots and grand staff in the air force. After reviewing the news and comments in your blog, I would like to say what you had done is truly honoring the pilots who sacrificed their lives during this excercise. I was deelpy sadden when I heard this news. But with the help of your blog, we can review what was going on during the last moment before the crash, which also gave pressure to the air force command. I just want to say thank you for what you have done. Please continue sharing what you have observed in Taiwan, and let the world know this island that has been politically excluded for years still fight for her own freedom and protect for her democracy!


    a “lab rat” in Toronto

  4. Hi,
    The pilot Wei, in the front seat of 5371, was the elder brother of my college roommate. I really appreciate what you have done for him. If it is necessary, I might be able to pass your kindness to my roommate.

  5. Hi Bushman:

    I would like to give my respects to you. You looks like a Formosan more than those traitors.

    Speaking of TVBS, all we know how bloody they are. If the review was happened, they probably will ask you to fork a piece of bloody meat for them.

    As an foreign friend. I am wondering how you see the last news about the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial temple? As a civics, I just can not understand why they like to kiss the a*s of a dead autocrat. They asked us to fight the communism before. Now they leave us behind and go to be with the biggest communism system. Are they crazy?

    Sorry for my stupid English. Probably all of the Formosan can learn some thing about patriotism.

  6. Hi Mike,
    Excellent job! As a Taiwanese, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for the pilots and for the people in the island. Taiwan loves you!
    (Edison NJ)

  7. thanks everyone. please don’t worry about English skills when leaving comments! this isn’t about language, its about communication and we all understand each other.

    please give our condolences to the family whenever possible. also, please study the photos and try to understand what happened. this is the purpose they are intended for.

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