TVBS Backs Out

Late last night I got a call from a TVBS reporter.  The military released 14 of my 23 photos and the producer feels that they do not need my photos now.  Furthermore, TVBS is not interested in interviewing me as they feel I have nothing important to say.  They cancelled our meeting this afternoon.

I consider this to be a blessing in disguise.  TVBS has proven that they are not responsible enough to be the sole guardian of my photos.

For the first time, I am going to reveal that I have been working on a private analysis of the photos (they are mine, after all, and I can do what I wish with them).  I am working with 2 civilian professionals who have completely blown me away with their skill level.  In the last few days we have discovered evidence that will shake this case to its very foundations.  This evidence is in plain view.

Please bear with me as I hold off on my own version of the story.  I promise that it will be well worth reading.

I would still like to do a call in radio talk show.

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  1. This is going to be amazing. Hold in there man, we’re waiting and counting on you! =D

  2. Thank you for your continued support ‘2008. I have a meeting with a newspaper reporter tomorrow. Sorry for the suspense but this has to be handled delicately.

  3. The pilots got promoted one rank each, the China Post reported that Chen announced it today.


  4. yes, i heard that. at least that means more settlement for their families….

  5. My other half flew F-5s for many years in Canada and Germany. I’ve been following your story with interest. May the sorrow you feel and the responsibility you hold be wisely measured to what a human can endure.

    It’s 2 am – am I making much sense. 🙂

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