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Photo by MJ Klein, All Rights Reserved


One of the 14 photos released to the press last night by the Air Force: #20 of 23

In the comments section of the relevant posts I have been asked about the local media interest in the story from my perspective.  I will answer those questions in this post as they are an important part of the story and are still developing day by day.

On Monday, I was contacted by the Daily Apple (because of this post in my blog) – before the investigation was concluded, before I released the first photo to the public, and before the military released the 14 continuous photos to the press.  I responded to them on Monday that since the investigation had not yet been concluded, I would decline to be interviewed at that time.  My attempt to contact them again today has yet to be answered.

After I published my first photo in the series, I was contacted by Stephanie Lin of TVBS after reading our desire to sell the photographs to the press and donate the money to charity.  Later that evening, the Air Force released 14 photos to the press, along with their analysis.

I gave those photos to the Air Force and told them to “use my photographs in any way you see fit.”  I didn’t know that they would release any or all of them.  The photos are exclusive – I am the only one who has a complete set of them besides the military authorities.  So, certainly publication of 14 consecutive shots diminishes the value of the collection.

However, to the credit of TVBS, they still want to interview me and before the end of this week I will have met with a producer there.  Even though the release of 14 photographs by the military reduces the exclusivity of the set, they are still interested.

I have a background in national (US) talk radio. If I may say so, I would love to talk with the people of Taiwan through the medium of talk radio.  ICRT, if you are listening, how about we do a late night talk show dedicated to 5371?  I have a lot of things I would like to say, and I would love to answer questions directly by taking calls from listeners.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support.  The positive response has been overwhemling and a source of comfort to Hui-chen and I.  As you can imagine, we have to look at things every day that remind us of what happened.  The military base wall runs beside a road that we frequently travel.  5371 will be with us every day….


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  1. Hi there,

    To find your blog by news. However, I don’t know how to say these reports because of our greatest 5321.

    anyway, thank you for recording these percious pictures. Let’s know who they were.

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