Lunch in Baoshan

Photos by MJ Klein

While visiting our good friends in nearby Baoshan, Hui-chen and I enjoyed the following dishes with them:

Classic cold chicken.  This stuff was ice cold and delicious!

Some of our famous “hollow vegetable” known all over Taiwan.  Well prepared with just the right amount of red pepper and garlic.

“Pai-gu” or pork short ribs.  The sauce was not to sweet – just right.

Squid and mixed vegetables.  Awesome!

Deep fried shrimp, lightly battered, with pineapple, and mayonaise.  This is a common dish in Taiwan and this particular version was very good.  The shrimp is usually hot with the pineapple being cold.  Makes for a nice contrast.

Finally, a very good miso soup with salmon.  More Chinese style than Japanese I would say, this soup was the perfect ending to the meal.

Now this dish bears mentioning as it was prepared by the husband of the couple whom we were visiting.  Its a really nice fruit cocktail that wasn’t too sweet, but just right.  We made it disappear.

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