1. Wow.
    I wonder if some Chinese bloke in a military uniform is right now poring over every detail in your snaps 🙂

  2. naw, in their infinite wisdom, they block all blogs. besides, they just use their satellites for recon and full-scale mockups of Taiwan for practice.

  3. i was told it’s illegal to take pictures of our military infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, etc. and publish them. don’t know how true this is, but when i visited my bro in law at the army base last year during his mandatory service term, i had taken some pictures of some vehicles they had there and posted them in my blog. my bro in law told me i’d better take those down before “they” (government people?) see it and get in trouble (possible jail time according to him).

  4. today, one of those double rotor jobs flew right over my house. i videoed it. 8-P

    Ben, you are being too kind. “XXXX” its more like it.

    you coming to the Taiwan Beer Bar tomorrow?

  5. Yeah, a few years back a load of British tourist plane spotters were thrown into a Greek prison for a month for taking photos (not even publishing – just taking) of 30 year old Greek military fighters and helicopters. This was aviation whose images were already widely available. It’s a silly paranoid world we live in.

  6. You mean Saturday night don’t you. I’ll be there. You might not recognise me though – I’ve put on a bit of weight since my profile photo was taken.

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