Blogger Meetup at the Taiwan Beer Bar

Hui-chen and I met blogger Andres and his wife Karen (and co-worker Rich) last weekend.  As it turns out, we sort-of “met” Prince Roy, but we didn’t have a chance to talk about anything.  Michael Turton has also expressed an interest in meeting Andres and Karen, along with an interest in hanging out at the Taiwan Beer Bar too.

This is Prince Roy at the Taiwan Beer Bar (2nd from left), but I didn’t know it at the time this photo was taken. I was shooting the tacky beer bottle lights.  What ambiance….  lol

So, how about it everyone?  How about a Blogger Beer Meeting at the Taiwan Beer Bar this Saturday evening?  Hui-chen and I will be there after 18:00.

All due respect to Dr. Jerome Keeting for his programs of elevated content for bloggers held on the first Saturday of every month.  We just want to drink some cheap brew and talk trash.

Everyone is welcome to hang out with us, blogger or not!  We love to meet readers too of course!  Hope to see you all there!

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  1. i just came back from the doctor and he gave me some new medicine. his orders: no drinking.


    i’m gonna watch you guys down the brew and i’m going to drink water. oh well! it will be worth it anyway.

  2. Nice one. Hope to see you there.

  3. very cool.
    i’ll see you there.
    sorry to hear about the no drinking orders from the doc… that just means i have to drink more just for you.

    hey, maybe post this up in events to get more folks out? well, i’ll make a post about this and help spread the word.

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