Walkabout in Hsinchu City

Photos by MJ Klein

Last week, Hui-chen and I did something that we haven’t done in some time:  we walked around Hsinchu, taking photos and enjoyed the scenery.  For those of you who enjoy photos of Taiwan, this post is for you.  Light on the commentary, heavy on the photographs.

This is a famous circle in Hshinchu, off of Dong Men Road.

This bird was hunting small fish in the waterway.

A very strange looking public restroom, with the typical outdoor sink and mirror and not-very-well concealed urinals.

A local icon: The Flying Pig.

This is a very nice area to just take a walk and enjoy our beautiful weather.  btw, does Hui-chen look any different now that she is a married woman?  I think so.  I think she looks better now.

Care to get tipsy at the Tipsy Music Bar?

This photo is so typical of Taiwan.  It could be anywhere on the island….

Electric motor repair shop.

At least the sidewalk has a little space for walking.

But not much!

Wanna get bombed at the B52?

This one is worth mentioning again.  What were they thinking?

Hardware store.  Notice the steel rope.  Cool.

This guy was so intent on his repair work that he didn’t notice me taking this photo.

Nomination for “The World’s Smallest Pizza Shop” award.

Our lunch.  Not bad.

What kind of drinks do they serve from their private collection?

Unless you can read Chinese, you have no idea what they are selling.

Ahh, Taiwan, Land of Food, and More Food!

I think we should walk around more often!

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  1. Oh I miss home. Thanks for the photos. They bring back a lot of memory.

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