Dinner with the Family in Kaohsiung

Featured Cuisine: Japanese  Photos by MJ Klein

The day after our wedding, the whole family went out for dinner at an excellent Japanese restaurant in Kaohsiung.

Beautifully appointed, shoes must be removed to enter the traditional style individual dining rooms.

My lovely wife, Hui-chen ordered food for everyone.  The menu is extensive and the prices are reasonable.

Pin-chen, Hui-ling and Shiang all love Japanese food, as do we.

Shiang has that look in his eye!  We are waiting for the first course to arrive and he is bored!

He loves making faces!

Finally, the first course arrives: mixed sashimi.  The quality is excellent.

Shiang demonstrates the swimming styles of the various fishes we are eating.

Next up is a delicious hot pot style concoction.  The broth a was very Japanese styled bonito flavor.  Really nice.

As you can see, it boiled down in just a few minutes.  Great delicious!

Plenty of leisurely conversation during the meal.  Notice the sliced beef at the lower left, for the hot pot.

Grilled fish chin – one of my favorites.

Skewered grilled chicken with sauce and sesame seeds.

Dragon mustache with bonito flakes.

Another favorite in Taiwan: deep friend oysters.  One of my personal favorites, this dish was prepared with a slight variation on the breaded coating.  Very good.

We couldn’t have a Japanese meal without sushi!  It was as good as it looks in this photo, believe me.

The next 3 shots are of an asparagus and bamboo salad.

This was the most interesting presentation of this salad type I have yet seen.  Also present were mashed yams and potato salad with lots of sweet mayonnaise.

Last but not least was the vegetable tempura. Very nicely prepared and presented.

From our family to yours, here’s to good health and good eating!

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