Thai New Year in Taiwan

Hui-chen and I visited our friends Paul and Lee in Taoyuan last night.  They both knew about the famous “water holiday” but neither of them had heard about the powder that Thais apply to one another during this holiday.  While at Lee’s home, I wandered across the street to get another bottle of Sang Som Thai rum from the local Thai place, and when I came back I had powder on my face.  Well, we just had to check it out!

By the time we got there, everyone was pretty much already liquored up and sporting powder.

The boss lady from a local store around the corner gets a handful of powder ready to put on Lee.

Unlike the Thais, who will slather it on good, she is being rather conservative with the powder.

Normally Thai places have a great selection of songs and this place is no exception.

Eventually, the Thais figure out that we are not put off by a little powder, and they let fly!

Lee and Paul investigate the Thai custom of water throwing, close up and personal.

I just want you to know that Lee and Paul weren’t the only ones who got the powder treatment!  Someone dumped it on my head.

Lee  decided to demonstrate his cultural knowledge and understanding of Thai customs  by dumping water on this guy’s head.  I taught him how to say “happy new year” in Thai.  That came in very handy on this occasion.

Paul got carried away a bit and began throwing water on himself.

These last shots speak for themselves.  Within a few minutes of my taking this photo, the guy shown here with Paul, passed out from too much partying.

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  1. That pic of you is classic. Funniest pic ever.

    I didn’t go to jambalaya. I’ll tell you about it next time we meet. I stopped by the TVBS protest i blogged about, quite by accident.


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