Things That Suck

I’ve been laid up for a few days with a very painful middle ear infection.  I am also quite bored, as I don’t feel well enough to do much of anything except spending way too much time laying in bed on my side, with eardrops in the bad ear.  It sucks.

We have been experiencing some problems with the drains in our house being slow.  That sucks too.  So, we called the “honey wagon” and they came down and solved the problems – very expertly I would like to say.

Outside the house you can see water leaking through the wall.  Its coming from the other side of the wall and up through the concrete instead of draining into the waste water system.  It sucks to have water coming out of a place where it isn’t supposed to.

The solution was to “snake” the drain.  Here you can see the tool in action, and a stash of various types of cutters.  Normally, the snake has to deal with tree roots and such.  The operator had to use more than 2/3 of the length to clear the blockage.

Now, the fun part of the job: cleaning out the first floor lavatory.  This particular commode has been running slowly ever since we moved into this house.  The experts suggested that we let them give it a good cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.  This thing really sucks.

But, that didn’t solve the problem, and that sucked too.  But, it didn’t suck as much has having to chip the commode off of the tile floor (commodes in Taiwan are cemented to the floor as opposed to being bolted), and reaming it out to find the obstruction.

The guys found the object and then had to re-cement the commode onto the tile floor.  The cement made a huge mess and the guys had to clean it up.  That really did suck.

This is the thing that was in the commode, blocking it up.  Yup, a previous occupant dropped it into the commode and didn’t take it out.

They suck!

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