Taipei Cycle Show

Photos by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I visited the Taipei Cycle Show yesterday. It was fun, and tiring!

Taken from the elevator in the main hall, this shot shows an overview of the exhibitors.

This shot was taken from the second floor.

My friend Mr. Kevin Kao runs a company called TW Bents, which manufactures recumbent bicycles. Mr. Kao holds several patents for his designs.

This is a closeup of a recumbent tricycle, or “trike.”

Here we see two trikes and a recumbent bicycle. The seating positions are very comfortable and that is the main point of recumbents, also known as “bents.” Recumbents are also very fast designs and hold all of the world’s bicycle speed records. I won’t get into the idiotic politics of bicycle racing (which makes Taiwan politics appear logical), but recumbents are actually banned from competetive racing – the only sport that I can think of where the fastest designs are excluded. As a result, diamond frame bicycles get all the attention, and much of the public is either mis, or malinformed about recumbents, and all because they are looked down upon by the racing community (as if IGAF about what they think). I want one of those trikes!

Here is a random shot I took while walking down one of the main drags. After awhile it gets overwhelming. There is just so much to look at in this, the largest bike show in the world!

I was dissapointed by the obvious lack of “race queen” beauties at this show. Besides these 2, I only saw 2 others who looked really nasty with their tattoos…. <sigh> Thank goodness for NOVA promotions.

This is the coolest mountain bike I have ever seen!

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  1. I thought I saw every stand at the show, but I must have missed the recumbent bikes. I have never ridden one, but I wouldn’t mind trying one out if I got the chance.

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