Taiwan High Speed Rail, Revisited

I had occasion to ride the THSR again, and of course, I took more photos.

Look closely – the cars are getting dirty.

I like the HSR a lot, but its alreay looking ratty on the outside.  Airlines know that clean planes fly more efficiently, so why has a fair amount of dirt been allowed to build up on these cars?

Remember when I mentioned that my GPS had several stations marked on the base map, but didn’t exist?  Here is one of them:

The dirt parking lot is the Yuanlin station.  It looks as if the land has been allocated but the station has not been built yet.  There is a similar cleared area on the opposite side of the track.  This view faces east.

And this is the Chuanghua station.  Unlike Yuanlin, it doen’t look like any land has been secured for the station.  I’ll check out more of these phantom stations as I take more trips on the THSR.

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  1. You are so right, NH Bushman, the cars are getting dirty, day by day. They gotta find a good way to wash them , somehow. The pure white exteriors, gleaming white, I should say, are beautiful,, but passing through dust storms and normal island pollution and rain and farmland, of course, dust gets on the white exterior, and up close you can see the streaks. almost look painted on, but no, it’s real dirt. Hopefully they will find a way to clean the gleaming white exteriors on a weekly or monthly or yikes, yearly, basis. other than that, it’s a great train ride. and they fixed the ticket logo, or they said they will, i mean, they said that in the future they will issue tickets with the HSR logo on them, and that’s a start.

    Yrs in railfandom,

    Ebinezer Van WRinkle

  2. we bought tickets today and they don’t have the logo or any changes at all yet.

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