Home Cooked Taiwanese Food – In Thailand

Hui-chen decided to cook some Taiwanese style food, after being in
Thailand for awhile. I really do miss her excellent cooking when we
travel. So, after spending some time at the local market we brought
some items back to the Sabua Resort and she went to work!

Using the 3 burner gas stove, this is Hui-chen cooking Taiwanese style wok fried cabbage with tomatoes. On the right is some of her famous stew.

Hui-chen dishing the fried cabbage.

Now, for the stew!

Checking on the stew (yeah, I know these are not in chronological order!).

Here she is, with a smile on her face, dishing out the excellent home made stew, with local Thai beef.

Here is the complete meal (rice not shown), including some local grilled chicken purchased at the market, and Suntory Red whisky. Excellent!

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