Peking Duck Restaurant, Vientiane, Laos

Hui-chen and I enjoyed a Peking style meal in Vientiane, Lao this past week. Here are the details:

Overview of the Peking Duck course: Left, we see the sliced cucumbers, and scallions, then the “pancakes” which are more like French crepes, the Hoisin sauce and finally, the sliced duck meat.

This is a closeup of the sliced duck meat. I must say, this was impeccibly prepared.

Next course was the fried crab. Notice the mutant claw to the far left!

Chinese kale and mushrooms – absolutely wonderful!

Pieces of the duck carcass after the meat has been carved off. It was wok fried with spices and tasted way better than it looked!

Lastly, a leg of pig, similar to some Taiwanese versions of Chinese dishes we have in Taiwan. The flavoring of this dish was not as good (quite frankly) as the Taiwanese version, and there was way too much fat on this particular cut. Rather disappointing, but I did eat a good amount of it before forming my opinion.

We rated this meal: 8 out of 10.

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