Tamarind Residences Cookout

Today we are featuring an article about the cookout we had the night before we left Thailand. This story leads into the next article which will appear tomorrow.

When I stay in KhonKaen, I stay at the Tamarind Residences, a new service apartment complex in downtown. The owner loves to party as much as we do, so she is up for any excuse – like it being the last day for us. Please note that Hui-Chen is not in any of these shots because she was taking the photographs.

This is the grill with the first batch of food on it.

And this is what we have to put on the grill! That is a bottle of Sang Som Thai rum in the background.

L to R: Dick, a recording engineer, Peter, an engineer in many fields, and Mai.

Although highly intelligent, this group of people is apparently easily impressed.

L to R: Ning, Dick and Peter enjoying the drinking, singing, conversation and the food.

Some of Tammy’s friends from the local radio station, “More 90.5 FM” and a local police officer (wearing the cap).

Policemen in Thailand love to dance. Sorry, but the red-eye reduction on the Nikon Coolpix 5700 sucks.

About this time, everyone was pretty much hammered and singing along. What happened next will be documented in the next article, entitled:

KhonKaen Gets A Hot New DJ!

You do NOT want to miss the next article tomorrow!

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