Village Market

Everyone loves a good outdoor village market.  We found a great one, just outside of Erawang, in Loei Province, Thailand.  Let’s take a look!

On the left are a few fruit and spice vendors, but mostly clothing, and on the right is the food section.

Walking along on the left, we found these large bags of spices.  We are hoping that one of our Thai readers will tell us what this is!

Nothing beats fresh pineapples!  We got 2!

After that, we decided to cross the street and see what was over there.

What we found was more varieties of spices and food than you can imagine.

Look at these wonderful fresh vegetables.  Thailand is know for excellent cooked and raw vegetable dishes.

This woman is selling steamed local fish.

These are “snakehead” fish.  You don’t want to know how bad this basket smelled.

This market has everything – including Taiwanese political t-shirts!  Actually, we only saw this one, but it was totally out of place in northern Thailand.

Now, we come to the meat section.  Here we see the usual pork stand offerings, including shaved ribs that have no meat on them.

And this is the beef vendor.  No grill cuts, just pot fare, along with the required organ meats.

50,000 ways to burn your tongue beyond recognition.

On the way out, I noticed this small restaurant.  Actually, what I noticed is the speakers for karaoke.  I always thought that Taiwanese were loud people.  Then I went to Thailand….  The entire time we were in the market, someone was playing ads though a PA system that must have belonged to Led Zeppelin because it was so loud my ears were hurting.  No one seemed to mind at all.

All of 10 meters away though, it was back to village life as usual.

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