First Look at the New High Speed Rail Train

Hui-Chen and I were driving around yesterday when she spotted the new train stopped on a section of tracks near our home in Hukou. Way cool….

I can’t wait to take a ride but I haven’t heard a single thing about it from anyone. It was supposed to be finished last October and the government suffered embarassment by stating that it would take another year to complete. Now, that year has come and gone and its almost as if people are afraid to say it.

Here is a closer view. Looks cool man. I wish it was running! I want to see how fast it really is.

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  1. Smooth a good whisky, and twice as fast — I saw it running the other day. Kids were thrilled.


  2. i want to see it running too! i want to ride it! are you planning on taking a ride with your family when it opens?

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