Traffic Accidents on the Freeway Today

I have no idea why but today was a big day for traffic accidents on the #1 freeway in Taiwan. Here we see this truck (shot through our rear window as we passed by), smashed up pretty good by rear-ending the orange gravel truck seen beyond it (winner: gravel truck). Today we also saw a BMW that was 1/2 up the ramp on a car carrier, having run into it at high speed, bashing in the rear quarter of a new SUV (the car carrier prevailed). Also seen was another 3 vehicle smash-up with a bus in the middle (the bus won) between a small SUV type taxi in the front and a passenger car in the rear. We also had to lock up the wheels to avoid becoming one of these stats as lookie-loos got so caught up in the rubbernecking that they forgot to brake safely while approaching the scenes….

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