Taichung Wind Farm

Over the past few months I have been watching the progress of a new wind generator farm in the Taichung area.

Driving down the freeway (payway, in reality) this is what you see of the wind farm. I took this shot out of the window of my car at speed.

Yesterday, I got off the highway and ventured down on the flatlands for a closer look.

These look very impressive in person, trust me.

Although I do wonder why they haven’t been finished yet. The ones that appear to be fully assembled are not spinning, and I have never seen them spinning.

Remember, each one of these costs approximately US$1M.

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  1. Thanks for posting these pics. It is good to know that there is at least some development of renewable energy sources finally happening in Taiwan.

    I might go out to visit the windfarm near Guanyin in Taoyuan County one day and get some pics.

  2. If you do, be sure and post them! I took a few more shots of the Taichung farm today.

  3. Hi, nice to see these pictures. Are these the ones (18) at Taichung Power Company ??

  4. The reason why they are not running, is because the Taiwanese electricity company still did not finish the grid connection.
    Things are quite bureaucratic over there.

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