Auction for a Good Friend

Dear readers, please bear with me on this one….

I am trying to do this without causing embarrassment to the intended party, who knows nothing of this undertaking.

Recently a good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia. He immediately underwent chemotherapy and is now suffering from symptoms of the disease and also the cure. Unable to work as a result, his brother has stepped in to support him financially. Needless to say, even though this kind of burden is a burden of love, nevertheless it is difficult. Every little bit helps out this situation.

I have been thinking about what crazy idea I can come up with to raise money. One of the tools that I do have is this blog, and the fact that Hui-Chen and I are somewhat famous because of our international readership. So, I have decided to auction off something of mine because I think that out there somewhere, is someone who would be interested enough to want to own something belonging to the Bushman, and compassionate enough to make a donation to a dear friend in the process.

The auction will be conducted by the brother of the afflicted, so you may be assured that 100% of the proceeds from this auction will indeed go to the intended sufferer and not spent on any “administrative” costs. I am donating the item for the auction and sending it to the winner at my own expense. Here are the details of the item for auction.

I am auctioning off one of my famous bush shirts. The shirt is size XL, Tall.

For many years I have worn a special shirt, made by Cabela’s and known as the Serengeti Safari™ Shirt. I have worn a group of 4 shirts since 2002. I have kept these shirts alive by frequently repairing them and they definitely show the wear and tear of traveling! These 4 shirts are from before the time when Cabela’s re-engineered the shirts, and the color “Olive” is longer offered. If you check out the above link, the 2 colors that I am currently wearing are “Tan” and “Dune” and are very different than the military-like olive color of my 2002 shirts you see in the following photographs.

One of the shirts is now dead, due to wear. I have 3 of them left, and out of those 3, one of them is in the best shape. It is wearable but absolutely looks like it has been worn by an international traveler. It has! I like to wear this particular shirt for that very fact – it looks “real.”

I want to show you where these shirts have been. The following are photos of me wearing one of these shirts in various countries. Bear in mind that this is only a sampling of where these shirts have been.


Everyone knows that I live in Taiwan. This is Mr. Chen Sheou Yeao and I. He is the first Taiwanese friend I ever had. I met him in the US in 1976. This shot was taken in 2002.

Me playing a little travel guitar I brought to Taiwan in 2002. It has since died a horrible death for a guitar.

I have always been a friend of wildlife and these bush shirts are excellent for both travel and expeditionary work. Here I am admiring a small Green Island deer that someone is keeping for a pet.

Bushman in the Fushing area on one of the famous bridges.

Hong Kong

Shots of me weaing a bush shirt in Hong Kong are rare, but I’ve been there several times, and so have my bush shirts. Here I am in Kowloon, overlooking Hong Kong island. What a beautiful place!


I’ve been to China a couple of times and I’ve always worn my bush shirts there. This shot is interesting because I was the first and only foreigner to ever visit this man’s home. I am wearing a Cabela’s Safari jacket over the bush shirt (it was wintertime and rather cold).

This shot was taken at the border with Russia, on the Black Dragon River. I’m wearing the same bush jacket over the bush shirt.


I have been to Thailand many times and my shirts have been there with me too. I’ve done so many things there, from hiking the trails….

…. to hunting for fossils in the national park.

I’ve also explored ancient ruins like Puey Noi,

Commissioned a wood smoker of my own design,

Played my 12 string guitar outdoors at a local restaurant, and all while wearing a bush shirt. You need one too!


I’ve been to Laos a few times, and of course, I wouldn’t go there (or anywhere) without my bush shirts!

Sitting in a cafe in the capital city, or

On the banks of the Mekong River, or

Enjoying the wonderful natural beauty, or

Dining on fine Lao cuisine – my bush shirts have been there with me.

You too can own a piece of history by winning the auction and getting your own shirt, personally worn by me in all of these places, and more! I need to add that your shirt will be professionally laundered for you!

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