Hot babe foreground, Michael Turton, background…

Sometimes, pictures just speak for themselves….

Mr. Michael Turton visited us again this weekend and we had a great time together!

We took him to the local Filipina place as we did last weekend, only this time we adjoured to the Thai place a bit earlier in order to enjoy the wonderful Thai cuisine before it got too late. But, I must say that we consumed copious amounts of fried squid before leaving!

“I don’t want clever conversation….” Michael is belting out yet another Billy Joel song at “Sheou Hui’s” Thai restaurant.

Michael is a seriously good karaoke singer, worthy of any man’s toasting. I am telling you, he is great!

Here you see Michael and the Bushman working the crowd together. We had them in the palm of our hands!

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, our good friend Sauman was taking photographs of this historic occasion! Good thing too, or else no one outside of the immediate area would have known!

Michael told us that he was having a good time with us in the Thai restaurant. Michael is a world class human being. Not to mention that his Chinese is excellent, which Sauman put to good use while talking trash to the babe at the next table. Yes, Sauman did get her mobile number.

This is a shot of us in Sauman’s home. We weren’t quite drunk enough, so Sauman invited us back to his home for some additional drinking. Thank you Sauman! From the left we see Bushman, the lovely Hui-Chen, Sauman, and Michael Turton.

We are planning another party when Hui-Chen and I return from the USA! We will of course be blogging on it!

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  1. Great time! I can’t believe all the nice things you say about my alleged singing skills. I was only good because I had you to cover for me!

    Have a great time in Thailand! Looking forward to July.


  2. hey man, you sing great. anyone who disagrees is hereby banned from commmenting in my blog!

    your wife’s comment is appreciated. i’ve heard Taiwanese say that they think foreigners look stupid wearing traditional style clothing. all the while though, they are wearing western clothing, lol.

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