Strange Sights in the Hills

Hui-Chen and I were riding around in the mountains near our home yesterday, when I noticed some very interesting looking strata.

One can see such stratified layers in many areas of Taiwan where the mountainside has washed away, or broken off from siesmic activities. This is a closeup of the shot below.

I’m no geologist, but this looks like ocean bottom to me. It looks cool no matter what it is.

As we were driving along further, Hui-Chen pointed out some strange looking trees.

As you can see, whatever these things are, they are all over the mountain.

Hui-Chen knew exactly what these things are, and she was having a lot of fun making me guess!

Once we got close, it became apparent that the light colored objects were bags. But what were the bags on the trees for?

Apparently, the farmers cover up the Chinese pears to protect them. From what, exactly I do not know but my guess would be sunlight.

Its never a dull moment driving around Taiwan. You never know what you are going to see.

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