Another Magnificent New Teapot!

To say that I love Chinese tea would be an understatement. Its likely that my blood contains trace amounts of Oolong tea because I consume copious amounts of it daily. When I travel to other countries I bring a travel pot and tea so that I am never without it!

Recently I purchased a very nice Japanese style pot from Mr. Gan. He had a second pot of a similar design made by another master craftsman. Here we see both pots side-by-side for the size comparison.

This pot is quite large and here you see the bamboo tea measure for scale.

Notice that the “cha pan” (tea plate) is wet. Its always wet because its in use most of the time!

This shot shows the amazing detail on this pot. The Master took a sculpting tool and cut into the material (after the pot was thrown) and created this effect with the swirls by showing the strata underneath the surface! The execution is absolutely perfect and the results are stunning! Photos don’t do it justice!

Although I do prefer Chinese design teapots, I could not pass up the opportunity to add these wonderful Japanese designs to my collection. Besides looking awesome, they both make excellent tea!

The pour spout on this larger model allows one to pour the entire pot in about 3 seconds! You can brew a good amount of tea and arrest the infusion almost immediately. This teapot is excellent for serving several guests at a time. Just like the smaller one, if you cover the vent hole and blow into the spout you will find that the teapot is airtight.

Don’t they look great together?

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  1. my only regret is that unless you come over here, you will never see them in person….

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