Thai Motorcycle Accident

While driving down the highway yesterday on this motorcycle,

someone decided to just pull to the side of the road, without signaling or even looking around to see if anyone was behind them approaching. Now, I could go on about how Asian people are the most tunnel-visioned people on Earth, who almost never look around to make sure the way is clear when they enter a new space, but I won’?t waste my time because it just won’?t do any good. Just bear in mind that when you are in Asia, no one will look before pulling out into traffic, changing lanes or stopping. Hell, if a couple will break out into a fight in a restaurant while standing right next to your table, completely oblivious to your presence, you can count on them not noticing your approach from behind or to the side.

I was going about 60 KPH and immediately jammed the brakes full on, locking up the wheels. I slammed into the moron at about 30 KPH and I went down like a sack of potatoes. I must be tougher than I thought because the only damage to my body was a slight case of road rash on my arm, and a bruised toe. The damage to the motorcycle amounted to $1,385 Thai baht.

This shot shows the scraped up mirror, which was not replaced.

My arm.

My bruised toe. Does this look broken to you? I don’?t think it is because I can walk OK. Funny but after wearing my sandals for a week, I decided to put on my shoes that morning. 2 hours later I was tasting payment. If I hadn’t been wearing the shoes my foot would have been badly injured.

This is what I am really upset about. My good Taiwanese shoes got scuffed up bad! I am pissed about that!

The Thai guy who caused the wreck was of course, very polite and picked the motorcycle up off of me while I laid on the pavement for a few minutes to assess my injuries. He was apologetic and all smiles, while I told him in English that he deserved a good ass whooping for that maneuver.

People tell me to look out for bird flu in Thailand. It’?s the motorcycle drivers that will get you!

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  1. I am afraid to come visit you. You know that?

    If I do come, I will have to make sure there is a hotel nearby as a backup, because I know something will slip out of my mouth.

  2. folks, i want you to know that i honestly do not know what reader damania meant by “something will slip out of my mouth” so i do not want you to draw any conclusions. my reply is simply a guarded “OK.” lol

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