My Most Recent Trip To Thailand

It was mostly business, which explains why I didn’t write about it in my personal blog. However I did take some interesting videos that I shot with my new iDear camera (review is here). Up until now I haven’t been able to show you any of the videos because I did not know of any video host. Thanks to my friend Chris, I have uploaded one of the funniest (i.e. stupidest!) videos I have ever seen, let alone shot.

The story is simple. While waiting for the rain to subside, several of us were gathered under the canopy of the resort where we were staying for the weekend. I broke out the iDear because I thought it would be entertaining. I was right! Hooked up to the television in the bar, the Thai workers (and Hui-Chen) were laughing their heads off as I was trying to get a shy young man to give me the classic Asian style “peace sign” that people do here whenever their photo is being taken (it means “I’m happy”). I had to coresce him into doing it, but I finally was successful.

Addendum: I realized later that I should mention the processing done by Youtube makes the iDear video look poor. I assure you that the original video is near DVD quality! Do not judge the iDear by the quality of these posted videos!

Click the arrow to play the video, or anywhere else to visit the hosting site.

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