Region Hack for Sampo KN66(N)

I got that player specifically for the region hack (which doesn’t work).
The year of manufacture is 2004. I will trade this model for an older
unit of the same type (as long as I can hack it to make it multi-region
capable). DVD regions SUCK. I have quite a good movie collection from
the US and I can only play them on my computer.

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  1. yeah, but the hack only works on the old firmware. as i said in the post, the hack doesn’t work, and that explains why i also said i will trade it for and older unit of the same type as long as the hack works. i do have a couple of cheapo DVDs that appear to have the region open and they play fine in this region 2 player. anyway, the thing does multi progressive scan and it looks great on the 32″ LCD HDTV.

  2. you should buy a brandless Made in China DVD player. those can play any DVD from anywhere in the world.

    the classier the player (Pioneer, Toshiba, whatever..) the choosier it gets. =)

  3. Well g, i think i’m gonna have to take some Region 1 DVDs down to the store and see what player will play them. i did find out though that my Sampo will play some of the older movies. seems like if the movie was made in the 50s they don’t have the region crap set on the DVD. i do like my KN66. i got some good karaoke VCDs and as you know, that model has 2 microphone inputs and full karaoke support!

    “and digital key control so you can change the pitch if your voice sucks! but i don’t need that.”

  4. as bad as that was Gem, you went and publicly admitted that in a blog comment! haha!

    i like the one where the blonde asks why there is a bell that rings at the traffic light. her friend says “so blind people know when the light is red.” the blonde then says “oh. i never knew that blind people could get driver’s licences.”

    btw, i did find a region-free DVD player for about NT$4,500. its a Hitachi and was purposefully made like that. the salesman at the store had a hand-written list of hackable players, btw. seems that i’m not the only one who is asking about region hacks!

    take care Gem 🙂

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