My Newest Pipe Purchase

I got this pipe today. I bought it used on Yahoo! here in Taiwan for a cost of NT$650 (about US$22). Its very unusual and in pretty good condition. I cleaned it up a bit using Scotchbrite and then gave it my salt & whisky sweetening treatment. I changed the shape of the bend in the stem to slightly less of an angle as it was a bit too dramatic and held the pipe too far downwards. The angle was easy to change because the stem is hard rubber. Immersion in hot water rendered it quite pliable.

This pipe is a Stonehenge, made in London England. Its basically a freehand, a block of brier, hand carved. The smoking chamber is huge and good for a nice long smoke. This thing smokes cool too, because of its mass. The heat is rapidly dissipated because of the large surface area.

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