A Thai Bush Experience

The property belongs to our friend, Ben. Being here was more like being in west Africa than Thailand. At any moment I fully expected to see Masai warriors coming home with a kill.

Ben is currently building some bungalows on the property. When finished, it will be a primitive camping resort. I can highly recommend this place as real bush.

Every evening starting around 17:00 (5:00 PM) the villagers bring their cattle home from the pasture. Its quite a sight to see several groups of cattle on the pathways coming home. There are about 100 cattle altogether and it takes over and hour for them to make it back to their respective barns.

The construction workers live on-site and were preparing dinner. Here you see one of their kids who just caught a chicken – 1 of 2 that will be cooked for the group.

After being killed, each chicken was plucked.

Then, each chicken was expertly butchered for soup.

More chicken cutting.

The cooking is all done with pieces of real wood. I really miss such outdoor cooking. This is 100% bush.

2 women prepared the meal, which consisted of sticky (glutinous) rice, and the best chicken soup I have ever tasted. Every single ingredient was hand picked from nearby local herb plants plus the 2 local chickens. All of these chickens are free range! You have to chase them to catch them!

Here we see the men awaiting the women who will serve them first. The only woman seated in this area was Hui-Chen because she is a foreign guest. We didn’t take any more shots because it was impolite to do so at this time.

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