Khao San Road, Bangkok

A not too typical shot of Khao San Road, Bangkok. Khao San sounds like ?? (tall mountain) in Chinese, but somehow I don’t think that is what the words mean in Thai. This shot shows how crowded the sidewalks are on this busy shopping street. Often its difficult to pass by due to the sheer volume of people, most of which don’t look before they walk (or look in one directly while walking in another direction). You can find pretty much what you like on this street, but, be sure that you look up too. There are many mulit-floor department store on this street which do not maintain a street-level presence, and many foreign shoppers never see them. I found a plug in water kettle for 189 bhat, plus a multi voltage AC/DC converter with several kinds of plugs, for 135 baht. I will attempt to get some night shots of the area this evening.

I am staying at the New Siam II, and I must say that the staff here is very nice. The room is decent and the guest house itself is well maintained and very pleasant.

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