In Memory Of….

In Memory of Chris Case

Our long time friend, Mr. Chris Case (shown on the left, above) lost his battle with leukemia this morning.  Chris hosted our blog since it’s inception in 2005 , and our commercial site since the beginning in 2003.  Chris was a longtime supporter of our blog, music and our commercial enterprises.  He will be missed very much.

I spoke with Chris on the phone a few days ago.  Typical of him, he played down his situation and told me that he was going to make it – he had the spirit to fight the disease that was trying to kill him.  Chris wasn’t the kind of man who would complain or whine about his situation; no he would just get on with life and look forward.  I must say that he certainly faced his adversary like a man.

Goodbye Chris.  Thanks for always being there for us.

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    1. Brent, thank you so much for your kind comments. i’ve been praying for your family – i just wish i could do more. as a new parent myself, i just cannot imagine the grief you must be experiencing. although we are thousands of miles away, our thoughts are with you. take care.

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