1. She is so beautiful!!! This is such a sweet video of her…she looks so curious and content. I see the likes of the both of you. I think she will be the most photographed baby …of all time!!!

    1. thanks Jan! she is extremely curious about the world around her; more so than the other babies in the nursery. and yes, she could quite possibly be the most photographed baby in history! thanks and take care!

  2. Is that one of these pillows with a hole in them? I think those are well worth getting. These days it’s recommended to place children on their backs to sleep, but their bones are still very weak so you have to make sure you don’t flatten the head this way.

    Oh well, all those things you need to think of as a new parent …

  3. Phoenix is precious. She is well loved and will be well photographed. I look forward to more pictures of her.

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