Surgery Update

Photos by Hui-chen, except where noted

UPDATE 03/19/2012: new photo at end.

UPDATE: 03/22/2012: 3 new photos:

My doctor knows about our blog, and during my checkup today, I mentioned that our readers are disappointed that there isn’t any photo showing the lesion that was removed.  I had seen it myself, but I wasn’t allowed to bring anything in the operating room with me, so I couldn’t photograph it myself.  My doctor kindly browsed his iPhone and emailed me a photo of the lesion in a laboratory jar!  Also, he emailed me a photo that he took of my thumb in the operating room, with the skin pulled back, fully exposing the lesion, right before he began the surgical procedure to remove it!  If you are squeamish, you might want to not look at the last photo in that particular update.  Scroll down through this article for the updates.

UPDATE: 03/26/2012: I got my stitches out.  Photo at the end.

Surgery Update

Surgery yesterday took longer than expected.  The doctor said that was the first time he removed a growth and had no idea what it was.

If you are squeamish, then stop right here and do not look at the next photo!

Surgery Update

The little tube thing at the lower end at the incision is a drain, which will come out on Saturday.  Due to my doctor’s high skill level, there is very little pain and I am not taking pain medication.  It does however, hurt to type.


Surgery Update

This shot was taken immediately after the drain was removed.


Surgery Update

This is how my thumb looks today.  The doctor said he will take the stitches out on 03/26/2012.  After that I can play guitar.

Surgery Update

Photo by Dr. Jenq-liang Kung

This is the thing that was in my thumb and causing all the pain I’ve been experiencing for the last few years.  The pathology report stated that there was no sign of malignancy and the mass was totally benign.  That’s good news.

Dr. Kung did our readers a real favor with the next photo (giving me full permission to post these photos).  For some reason I can’t stop staring at it!  Click on the photo (any photo) to visit the page with the option of viewing it larger.

Surgery Update

Photo by Dr. Jenq-liang Kung

What a nasty looking thing!  I’m so glad it’s out.  I still haven’t taken a single pain med, and the post-surgery recovery hurts less than the lesion did.  Thank you, Dr. Kung!


The stitches came out today:

Surgery Update

Slightly out of focus (it is a mobile phone photo, after all), but you get the idea.  So with this photo, I’m going to call this article closed.  From time to time, I’ll update my progress at getting my range of motion back to where it should be.

Thank you to everyone who read this article and also many thanks to those who commented.

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  1. Take it easy for now, and hope you’ll be back in blogging shape, soon. 🙂

  2. MJ I’m happy to hear that you’re making a full recovery, however I was disappointed that there wasn’t a photo of the little culprit in a jar of surgical spirits 🙂
    Snap´s last post ..Arriving in Siem Reap

    1. Dear Snap and Carolyn, i’m saving my typing for the update, but your wish has been granted, thanks to Dr. Kung. please check the latest update to the article. thanks!

      1. Wow, I didn’t think the cluster of cells would be so big. That’s quite a significant amount of – whatever it is. No wonder it was bothering you. Best wishes!

        1. hi Stefan. yes, it was big and nasty. truth be told, i was rather surprised at the size of it myself, when Dr. Kung showed it to me after the procedure. take care Stefan, thanks.

  3. Glad you are on the road to recovery for full use of your hand. I am with Snap,would have liked to have seen a photo of the tumor. My surgeon showed me what he removed. Made me appreciate the surgery more knowing what had been there.
    Take good care of yourself.

  4. These shots are way cool. That little booger was pretty big wasn’t it? Amazing that you were awake. Glad recovery is going so well.

    1. hi Jan. actually the surgical experience was horrible. i could feel everything they were doing, and the sounds were disgusting. it was all i could do to keep from recoiling my hand for the hour duration. thanks.

  5. Would you give a rating the doctor who performed your surgery of 2 thumbs up? That first pic looks like a bloodied cockatiel bird. The next picture gives me the urge to throw your thumb into the endzone for a touchdown. And inquiring minds want to know, does that thing in the jar taste like chicken?
    Mitesh Damania´s last post ..Leon Panetta does not answer to Congress

  6. I skipped over the intro initially to see the new pictures – so I didn’t realize that they were made on your doctor’s iphone. It should be said: Dr. Kung is cool!

  7. Dear MJ:

    This is a good web site. It’s all kind of you to let me perform this operation for you. Thank you for your trust in my expertise, and hope you can play guitar well again.

    1. Dr. Kung, thank you for everything you have done to help me! you solved a problem that i have had for a long time. thank you for leaving a comment for us. take care.

  8. That last photo is disgusting…and yet fascinating at the same time. How did that thing get in there in the first place?

    1. hi Jim. i know! i can’t stop looking at it, even though i’m grimacing! no one really knows what happened. human imperfection i suppose. thanks Jim.

  9. You had a fantastic doctor. I am very glad your hand is recovering and will be better than it has in a long time.

  10. Now that your hand is better, you should put a video of you playing your music.

    1. Hi Carolyn. i’ll have to set up the video camera one of these Friday nights and get some video. that’s a good idea 🙂 take care.

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