The Never-Ending Road Work Behind Our House

Mobile phone photos by MJ Klein

Recently the almost year-long project on the corner near my house was completed.  Now they’re really tearing up the road again and I have no idea what it’s all about this time.

Never Ending Road Work

I did see a guy with a metal detector, but I’m unsure about what he was looking for (or even if he found what he was looking for).  In this photo you can see they’re tearing the pavement up.

Never Ending Road Work

You don’t see this machine every day.

Never Ending Road Work

The part in the center/bottom of the machine grinds up the pavement and then a conveyor brings it forward to where a truck would be driving along in front, to receive the debris.

Never Ending Road Work

The path of destruction is considerably long.

Anyone have any idea what they’re doing?

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    1. hi Mike. but we don’t know why they’re suddenly repaving the road, and one lane only. kinda weird. a few weeks ago they resurfaced the other lane with concrete – very weird!

    1. hi Andre. oh yeah, i don’t think like that so i forgot all about it. no wonder it seems as if they’re tearing up the road for the sake of fixing it. thanks.

    1. Snap, i’m inclined to think like Andre also. the same thing happened last year too. i should get a kickback for being inconvenienced! thanks Snap, and take care.

  2. I’m with Andre. If I had to guess, I would say they’re trying to use up their budget before the end of the fiscal year. The fear among bureaucrats is that if they fail to spend all their allotted funds before the year is up, they will receive a reduced allocation in the next budget. I saw this phenomenon in action back when I was living in Japan and California, as well.

    1. hi Jim. i’m inclined to agree with you. the more i look at what’s going on with this particular project, the more it looks like “busy work” where they’re just tearing up the surface, counting on the ignorance of the populace not to notice that they’re doing nothing but re-surfacing the road for not apparent reason.

      i’d love to come down to Taichung and hike with you some afternoon. take care.

  3. Not on topic but information I think you wanted about the 2011 Taichung Jazz Festival

    I thought I remembered you writing about missing out on the Taichung Jazz Festival. They do not do a great job of promoting it.

    Here is the link for the 2011 Jazz Festival with all the information you need.

    Like all music festivals some of the lesser known acts are even more entertaining than the headliners. I’ve gone 3 years now and highly recommend it.

    1. hi Tom. yes you are correct! thank you so much for posting these links! this would be the first time i’ve heard about it before the event, so i’m looking forward to it! take care.

  4. What Andre said. I’ve had a team of guys working in front of my place in Chiang Mai, Thailand all week, patching up tiny potholes (then not bothering to smooth it over, so now we have what look like molehills covering the street). I asked what was the point, and one guy just said ‘eh, we either spend or we don’t get’.

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    1. hi KT. that sure looks like a case of “same crap, different country” to me. you’d think they’d have a little pride in their work though, and smooth out the hills, but no. thanks KT.

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