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Not the kind of current events you might be expecting, but what’s going on with us and our blog.

First of all, some ass is going through our articles and giving us the lowest ratings.  I’m sure this makes him feel better somehow, but it also makes me wonder just how bad off someome must be to derive pleasure from something as juvenile as that.  This person deserves our pity and our forgiveness.  They must be having a drug problem or something else just as difficult.  No matter, it’s easy to ignore a low rating.  I do apologize to others for their ratings being taken down a notch.

Our Nikon D80 camera is in the shop undergoing a rather serious repair.  It might not be back in time for our Beach BBQ on September 19, so if you’re planning on going, please take lots of photos and upload them to for us.  There is a group on Flickr just for Bushman’s actitives.

Speaking of the Beach BBQ, it looks like we might just have ourselves a pretty good sized group.  Be sure to bring what you want to eat and drink with you.  At the other end of the beach (the south end) there are some vendors and if you want to venture down there that’s fine of course.  We will be situated north of those vendors, at the next shelter up the road.  I’ll be there shortly after noon so look for me.  Remember, you know you’re at the right place when there are little/no food vendors around and the vegetation is grown up so you can’t see the shelter from the road very well.  I’ll be bringing  charcoal grill, and some others are going to bring grills so we should have plenty of grill space for taking turns cooking stuff.  If anyone has a tarp and some rope, we sure could use that to extend the shelter.  Also, the seating is rather sparse, so if you have some chairs, that would be good too.  Even a beach blanket would work because the shelter has a wooden plank floor.  There are restrooms at the south end of the beach, so I’ll be running a little shuttle back and forth between where we are and the restrooms.  You can bring your bikes if you want to because we will be right beside a very nice bicycle trail.  It’s a very nice area I think you’ll agree.

That’s all for now.  If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them.  Thanks!

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  2. Correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t thise like the 3rd time in the past year you’re D80 has been in the shop for repairs??? Is this because you use it a lot or is it for known problems with the camera that are just popping up at different times???

    If you don’t have your camera back… then I hope others take pics of the Beach BBQ Party… since I won’t be able to make it (its just a tad bit too far away). I’ll have to look at the group you have for the various Bushman activities… I didn’t know there was a group for that.

    If someone is going thru your blogs entires and giving you low ratings… they don’t our pity and fogiveness… they need to be… well… shouldn’t really say here… but I have LOTS of very long and very painful treatments in mind 🙂
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..Hurricane Bill – A near miss with New England =-.

    1. Mike, originally, the D80 went to the shop to have the bad pixel map re-burned. this was a voluntary procedure that i requested due to too many hot pixels. while in the shop, something happened to the camera because when i got it back, some of the buttons didn’t work properly. so, it went back again and that whole episode took a month. then, the bad button problem came back and to have that fixed took about a week. so the bad button issue really didn’t have anything to do with the reliability of the camera as that was an issue caused by the repair shop. these things happen from time to time. now we’re waiting to hear from the shop to see how much this problem is going to cost us.

      Mike, when i look through the articles and i see a lonely, single low rating like that, i can’t help thinking that it’s more like a rating on that person’s life. the amount of time spent on doing that must have been considerable, and it just underscores the fact that this person has nothing better going on in their life than to waste it on rating our blog. it doesn’t accomplish anything either because our readers are hip enough to know that those are bogus ratings. in fact, some of our readers are going through and giving us higher ratings just to offset the low ones. so, if anything, we’re getting more high ratings now than we did previously. thanks Mike.

    1. Poagao, no, i don’t rate my own articles, but our readers do. that let’s me know what kind of articles are well received and liked by the blog readers. no contest involved. it’s just a tool. thanks.

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