The End of Morakot, Not Quite

It seems that while the storm fizzed out in the northern part of Taiwan, southern Taiwan was devastated in some places.  David Reid has an article that tells about everything that happened.  Right now, the emphasis is on disaster relief.  We’re getting some more rain from the storm today but that is expected to end soon.

UPDATE: I’ve added this video, captured from Channel 51 news in Taiwan, below.
Check out this news story that gives details about the devastation.
Here is a BBC artcile with photos.
Michael Turton’s blog with links.
Photo of water being released from Shimen Dam.
Tainan to Chaiyi run on the THSR.
Jiasian,  Kaohsiung County.

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    1. Mike, we’re on the west coast, in the north/central area. that hotel was on the east coast, down south. southern Taiwan really got hurt by this typhoon. all we got was some rain and a bit of wind.

      1. OK.

        Like I said… on Channel 7 here (and on others now)… they showed the video but they didn’t say what city it was in… so I couldn’t look up to see where in Taiwan that happened.

        They did say that the hotel was evacuated before it collapsed.
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          1. They’ve replayed that video on the news here… and Ch 25 started to put on the botton of the screen that it was in Taitung County. So I looked that up on Google Earth and seen where it was.

            Aren’t your in-laws in Southern Taiwan (but on the west coast and not the east coast where this hotel collapsed)??? Did they had any big problems down there from the typhoon???
            .-= mike01905´s last blog ..Jim Rice Day at Fenway Park =-.

          2. Mike, our family members all live in Kaohsiung, but very near the city. none of them were affected by typhoon Morakot except with a few minor inconveniences.

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