1. thank you Craig. without readers and people who comment, the blog would be nothing. so, thanks to you for your participation over the years!

  1. Happy Blog Birthday. Hope for another 4 years and many more. I nearly fell off my bloody chair when the page loaded with the new colours.

    1. Brunty, thank you! you’re one of the reasons we do what we do – reader participation. we’ve put the colors back – we’re done scaring people for the time being!

  2. MJ, Happy birthday , I just added you to my blog don’t know why I had’nt done it already , forgive the oversight. I always appreciate you comments and always look for them on my post , your comments mean a lot . keep up the great post , folks like you are what inspired me to start bloging. Malcolm

    1. hey Malcolm, nice to find a comment from you! thanks for the kind words my friend. we enjoy your blog too, and i just made sure that it’s added to the blog roll. keep up the great posts. take care.

  3. Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear TheNHBushman.com.
    Happy bitthday to you.

    Now… good thing this blog site doesn’t have sound… or else everyone would be saying… did someone just step on a cat’s tail???

    I’ve only been reading this blog for a little more than a year (since I think Jan or Feb 2008).

    mike01905s last blog post..Boston’s Freedom Trail

    1. Mike, there are a lot of past articles on interesting places like China, Hong Kong and Laos. to help get you started on some of those past articles, i suggest you check out the “recommended reading” navigation link. thanks Mike.

  4. Congratulations Michael. The NH Bushman is one of my favorite blogs of all time. John and I never would have met you two if it weren’t for your blog. 🙂

    1. thanks Carrie, we appreciate your kind words. we’re looking forward to being around for a long time 🙂 because of our blog, we’ve met a lot of great people like you and John. thanks!

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